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Inner Essence Chiropractic & Healing Center

Welcome to our Healing Center

Intuitive Chiropractic



Experience chiropractic grounded deeply in progressive science and connectivity. We express chiropractic through the  Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI) approach, gentle light adjusting, and intuitive guidance to encourage you to become more self-aware and empowered.

We blend sports chiropractic with an energetic & tonal work, to assist you in healing your physical, emotional, chemical, and spiritual bodies- healing takes place on multi-dimensional levels. 

With our intuitive guidance we help you let go of old patterns, giving you a deeper understanding of the stories within your subconscious expressions and the empower you to choose a new path.

Chiropractic & Car Accident Healing



Physical Healing involves unwinding the force dynamics specific to your experience with gentle adjusting techniques, intuitive guidance and emotional integration.  

These specific techniques are tailored to your body's expression of trauma. Dr. Heidi taps into her personal and professional expertise to help you recover with greater possibilities.

In addition, Dr. Heidi and Mercedes will design a movement therapy program to help get you back into your body, release trauma through breath work and guide you into strengthening your inner connection, core stability and functional movement patterns.

Emotional Integration & Intuitive Guidance


Emotions are in every thread of our mind-body and layer up in our systems. Receive clarity and information through intuitive guidance, we will assist you in moving through the threads and tangles of being.

Group Classes, Events & Worshops


We offer consciously led classes to create a community that empowers people to connect within their physical and spiritual bodies.  Each class is designed to educate and enhance your connection to your body in unique ways.

Additional Healing Opportunities