Our Facilitators & Event Guides

Aimee Traeden


Is an Artist and Norse Shamanic Practitioner. She sings to the trees, the ocean, the winds, the earth.  In her private practice, Sonant Seidkona, she is a Staff Carrying Seer who uses the power of directed intentional sound and guided Shamanic Journeys, to help others connect to their own heart and inner wisdom, to support and usher in spirit guided growth. She is a guide into the Darkness, not to shine a light, but to help you find your roots leading you to the sacred fire within. She will gladly stroll through a forest with you to connect with the land through song, or join you in a moment of creativity and spontaneous laughter! 

Raina cor


A shamanic healer and teacher, meditation teacher, psychic, and Reiki Master, with 20+ years of experience.  She loves helping others learn to be fully body-aware and able to move their own Chi!  Currently she accepts individual students and small groups for individualized Vision Questing, training in energy and light work, and journeying.  Ongoing classes include “Developing Your Inner Intuitive” and “Introduction to Dreams and Dreamwalking.”