Innate Geometry


What is Bio-geometric INTEGRATION

What is Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI)

BGI is a model which combines leading edge science with the best of chiropractic. The result is the highest quality care available today. Chiropractors studying BGI understand the importance of viewing 

the body as an integrated whole instead of just parts. This allows them to serve each person as the unique individual that they are. Through ​applying the concepts on BGI, the chiropractor is able to assess each person on an individual basis and provide care that is tailored specific to their needs


Innate Geometry

BGI provides an understanding of the innate geometry of the body and force dynamics surrounding the creation and release of subluxations.  Through understanding the innate geometry of the body, the chiropractor is able to more effectively and gently release the subluxation and assess the effectiveness of the adjustment.


Physical & Energetics

"Through BGI we can understand both the physical and energetic aspects of the cause of dis-ease, realize the potential of each experience and assess the most effective, efficient and integrative way to release the potential stored within each one of us. The philosophy, science and art of chiropractic are examined providing the opportunity to express and understand chiropractic in accord with contemporary science."  -Dr. Elizabeth Welch Golove, DC.


What causes Subluxation

As stated in the American Chiropractor, BGI, the cause of subluxations is explained as an unintegrated experience of new force frequencies. If the body cannot fully integrate and dissipate the forces to which it is exposed, it will then store the energy contained in these forces. This energy/force is stored as tension in the physical structures of the body, with the muscular, skeletal and ligamentous systems being the most commonly involved. Tension in these systems causes tension/compression on the nervous system and, thus, subluxations are formed. Release of the stored force/energy/tone will release the tension and, thus, the subluxation.


Heart Centered connection

The art of chiropractic is much more than an application of a technique or an introduction of a force. It is a melding of substance and being; of technical precision and heart centered connection. In the moment of the adjustment, two become one; a synergistic flow begins toward growth and evolution. The power and creativity of nature are unleashed, awakening us to the realization that the adjustment is alive and dynamically in motion.”

Dr. Sue Brown, DC

Founder and Developer of 

Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI)

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