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Dr. Heidi Walrath, DC

Intuitive Vitalistic Chiropractor

Educated in AS in athletic injury & rehabilitation & Certified personal trainer

BS in Kinesiology emphasising exercise nutrition  & in addition studied exercise physiology.

200Hr Training at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley on acupressure, reflexology, and chinese cupping.

Doctorate of chiropractic at Life Chiropractic College West, acknowledged for clinical honors, president of the nutritional awareness, 

Bio-geometric Integration, extremities adjusting & sport injury management clubs.  

Dr. Heidi has extensive training in seminars, learning hands on skills from the masters in chiropractic.

Interned with experts who focused on sport specific chiropractic, biomechanical degeneration, elderly care & car accident trauma. 

Dr. Heidi continues to dive into current postdoctoral training classes and seminars to stay up-todate.

Dr. Heidi is personally interested in nutrition & detoxification; understanding how the food we eat creates our dis-ease.  

"I practice the philosophy I teach, eat food that is natural to the earth, dream until it becomes reality, and encourage others to manifest their heart's desires;  to move their body, because that is what it is meant for."  

Dr. Heidi's personal focus is to keep physically active and fill her heart with gratitude. She love's to mt bike, cycle, workout, and actively engages in regular yoga and daily meditation.  Dr. Heidi practice daily mind-body connection intended to awaken deeper in into conscious spiritual evolution.  Dr. Heidi has an extensive background athletics & martial arts and understand the importance of training specific to your physical and emotional bodies. As an Intuit she has expanded her connect-ability to listen and feel into your conscious field and scan your vibrational body revealing stored messages, which assists in healing not just your physical but your emotional, chemical, and spiritual body's.

 As a chiropractor Dr. Heidi has worked with olympic rowers, ex-NFL football players, olympic and world champion boxers, world renown Thai Boxing masters & fighters, dancers, yogies, fire dancers, avid hula hoopers, weekend warriors, pregnant mamas, and children of all ages from infants to seniors.


Sawyer Salameh, LPC


Reconnect you mind and body so that you can live your life in current time and keep the past in the past. I strive to give you a supportive environment with compassion and empathy so that you feel able to do this hard work. This is your journey, that I will walk beside you in. It is my goal to make you feel like the expert on your path, but I will help to point out new ways to see things or things you might not have noticed. Walking through the doors of therapy is hard, I will help you gain an understanding of your emotions and help ground you while you work through your wounds.

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Spencer Shearer, LPC


Specializing in adult & teens support using an evidence-based approach to understand your story and support you through what you are working to overcome; my approach is strength-based and includes elements of family systems, ACT, DBT, CBT, mindfulness and expressive therapies. I focus on a growth mindset and take a holistic approach opposed to focusing solely on reduction of symptoms.

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Mercedes Benyo

Office Mgr, Movement Therapy Facilitator 

& Yoga Instructor

 I believe that life can be filled with joy, gratitude and acceptance.​  Through yoga, untamed movement and

 Native American wisdom, I help adults living with chronic illness and/or family trauma 

connect to themselves and their surroundings.

I have been harnessing the healing power of yoga since 2011. I became certified in 2015 (200 Registered Yoga Teacher).

 I am currently training under a Reiki Master. My goal is to guide you to integrate your body, breath, movement and meditative awareness.

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Michael Valenti, CR

Certified Advanced Rolfer

After years of athletics—gymnastics, two marathons, acrobatics, dancing, lacrosse, fencing and music—I began to notice pain in my body. I found myself wanting a more balanced and individual approach to body development and awareness, in this search I found Rolfling.

When the body is out of structural balance, movement is harder and often causes excessive wear and pain. Through Rolfing® I felt as though the forces of gravity were on my side. Instead of working against my body, everyday movements became easier and pain-free. As my body slowly changed (and continues to change), my ideas about health, healing and personal growth have been transformed.

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Melanie Holt, CR

Certified Advanced Rolfer

I grew up in the suburbs of Paris, France. I left in my early 20’s because I couldn’t breathe there anymore. I moved to the Alps to live a dream of mountaineering, climbing, skiing and hiking in nature. When I moved back to a big city (Seattle) for love, it was hard to acclimate. Then I found Rolfing. Rolfing helped me heal from a climbing injury (rotator cuff), and helped me find my balance in a new world and away from my mountains. Realigning my body allowed the crushed tendon to finally heal and it ‘realigned’ my thoughts and emotions. It also answered my question of “How can I alleviate suffering in the world?”   Well, one body at a time.

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Amelia Weesies

 Office Assistant & Yoga Instructor

I've been living in Portland for over 4 years exploring the terrain as a bioregional herbalist, dancer, mover, hairstylist, and student. I feel the most authentic when I'm curiously exploring movement. Through embodiment, I enter into deeper connections and intimacy with the community around me. Dance has been with me since birth, starting with ballet and now exploring contemporary and improvisational movement. Alongside dance, I've been practicing yoga since 2007. I have a 200hr training from The People's Yoga here in Portland and starting a 100hr training in the Spring. I believe that when we access our body's innate wisdom we are radically stepping into relationship with the Earth's body and when we feel connected to the Earth we experience a deeper sense of belonging.